Hypervsn™ 3d Holographic Displays

HYPERVSN visual experiences are perceived by viewers as high-resolution holograms allowing 3D visuals to appear as if they are floating in the air. LED technology allows for maximum attraction and visibility even in high brightness areas. The HYPERVSN advertising solution comprises of individual projection units and a mobile content management app which can update your video loops at the click of a button.

stand out from the crowd

Static print and one dimensional imagery is no longer enough for brands seeking to truly engage their customers. An emotional response to advertising leads to action. With this in mind, the 3D effect of HYPERVSN is designed to stimulate an experience the observer both sees and feels, creating a greater desire to engage. HYPERVSN Displays allow brands to take existing assets and transform them into unique multidimensional pieces of visual communication.

Hypervsn™ Hologram Walls

Merge multiple Solo devices into HYPERVSN Wall to display visuals of virtually any size. Standard configurations can be purchased as well as completely custom holographic walls.

The HYPERVSN Wall builds unbreakable relationships between brands and audiences, by redefining the way companies communicate with 3D technology of epic proportions. HYPERVSN Wall produces larger-than-life holographic visuals that don’t just allow you to see something you never thought was possible, but allow you to feel something you never have before. The impact your brand makes can only be as big as the dreams you have for it. Think Big; See Extraordinary.

Standard Hypervsn™ Wall Layouts

1.4 x 1m Wall

1.4 x 1.4m Wall

1.8 x 1.4m Wall

2.2 x 1.4m Wall

Options And Services

Design Lab
Concept Creation + Implementation
3D Modeling + Texturing
3D Asset Animation
Final Rendering + File Creation
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Specifications + Warranties



  • Diameter: 560mm or 750mm


  • Expandable 16GB Internal Memory


  • 1024 x 1024 HD Resolution
  • 16M + Colours
  • Designed For 24/7 Usage


  • Average Power Consumption: 35 W
  • Maximum Power Consumption (All White Image) 69 W
  • Rated Voltage: 110/230V
  • Input AC Frequency: 50/60 Hz


  • Wi-Fi Remote Content Upload

Additional Information

  • Supports All Standard Video Formats (MP4, MPEG, etc.)
  • Indoor Use Only
  • 12 Month Factory Warranty On All Parts
Content Management Mobile App
  • Hypervsn Solo | Free on Google + Apple App Stores
  • Upload content instantly over Wi-Fi
  • Record video and update straight to your device via your phone
  • Health monitoring and bug reports
Factory Warranty
  • 12 month factory warranty on all parts for manufacturing or unit faults
  • Parts can be bought seperately in the case of accidental damage to the unit
  • Spare remotes can also be purchased

See It In Action

HYPERVSN Holographic Displays need to be seen to be believed so please make an appointment to visit our showroom in Cheltenham or leave an enquiry so we can organise a way to let you see the unit in action.